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Why FDT is the Preferred Choice for BeyondTrust?

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FDT, A Trusted Partner for BeyondTrust

FDT stands as the trusted partner for BeyondTrust with FDT-certified professionals and over a decade of expertise within their Identity Team, they deliver 1000+ hours of identity, data, and access management services annually.
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Partner of choice:

FDT is a trusted partner of BeyondTrust with a proven track record of success in providing innovative and effective privilege management solutions.
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Experienced professionals

Our certified professionals have an average of 10+ years of experience in identity and access management services, ensuring that you receive expert guidance and support.

BeyondTrust Deployment Packages in KSA

Streamlined Solutions, Swift Deployments.

Small Configuration
BeyondTrust Password Safe Deployment Package
A small-scale organization consisting of a multitude of critical assets including domain-joined servers.
30Users60Assets150Man Days
USD 5000**
Mid Configuration
BeyondTrust Password Safe Deployment Package
A medium-scale organization consisting of multiple critical assets including domain-joined servers.
100Users250Assets500Man Days
USD 10000**
Large Configuration
BeyondTrust Password Safe Deployment Package
A large-scale organization consisting of a multitude of critical assets including domain-joined servers.
20Users45Assets65Man Days
USD 15000**
Enhancing Security

FDT's Comprehensive BeyondTrust Solutions

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Empower Your Organization with Privilege Access Management

Equip your organization with the essential skills and resources to effectively manage and monitor privileged access management environments through our specialized Privileged Access Managed Service.

Implementation and Integration for Enhanced Security

Seamlessly integrate BeyondTrust technologies into your existing security program, maximizing its effectiveness and enhancing agility through FDT's seamless Implementation and Integration services.

Strategic Advisory for Tailored Security Solutions

Tailor security recommendations and strategies to your unique identity, data, and business requirements, ensuring alignment with your overarching goals.

Comprehensive Assessments and Workshops

Our rigorous assessments and workshops evaluate your current state, analyze requirements, develop use cases, and provide a roadmap for your identity management journey.
Secure Access Management

BeyondTrust Solutions Offered by FDT


Comprehensive Control with Privilege Remote Access:

Attain complete visibility and control over third-party vendor access as well as internal remote access, extending secure connectivity to critical assets while maintaining uncompromising security.


Unrivaled Control and Accountability with Password Safe

Experience the industry's most advanced PAM solution through our integrated products and platform, effectively minimizing your attack surface across traditional, cloud, and hybrid environments.


Advanced PAM Solution with Universal Privilege Management:

 Achieve unparalleled control and accountability over privileged accounts withBeyondTrust Password Safe, offering secure discovery, comprehensive management, auditing, and monitoring of privileged credentials.


Enhancing security together

By harnessing the power of IAM, businesses can ensure robust security measures while optimizing operational efficiency. FDT guide you through the range of impactful services.

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FDT's Contemporary Approach to Privilege Management

BeyondTrust offers Privileged Access Management (PAM) services that optimize costs, enhance security, and minimize the risk.
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Secure Access with BeyondTrust Solutions

Gain complete control and visibility over third-party and internal remote access with BeyondTrust's Privilege Remote Access. Keep your important assets secure and reduce the risk of compromise.
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Reduce Your Attack Surface with Universal Privilege Management

BeyondTrust's integrated products and platform provide the industry's most advanced PAM solution, allowing you to quickly reduce your attack surface across traditional, cloud, and hybrid environments.
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Empower Secure Password Management with BeyondTrust Password Safe

Get complete control and accountability over privileged accounts with BeyondTrust Password Safe. Unify privileged password and session management for secure discovery, auditing, management, and monitoring of any privileged credential.

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Interview Questions for Certified Engineer?

Here are some interview questions that you could ask a BeyondTrust certified engineer:

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alanine transaminaseStay A Step Ahead Of Cyber Threats With Comprehensive Network Vulnerability Assessments.alanine transaminase

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What motivated you to become a certified BeyondTrust engineer, and what was your journey like in obtaining the certification?
Can you share your experience in implementing BeyondTrust solutions within enterprise environments?
How do you stay updated with the latest advancements in BeyondTrust technologies and stay informed about emerging security trends?
Could you provide a walkthrough of a recent project where you utilized BeyondTrust solutions to overcome a complex security challenge?
How do you approach troubleshooting and problem-solving when working with BeyondTrust solutions?
Can you describe a challenging customer situation you encountered involving BeyondTrust solutions and how you effectively handled it?
Please share an example of a time when you customized a BeyondTrust solution to address a specific customer requirement or need.
How do you collaborate with other IT and security teams when deploying and managing BeyondTrust solutions within a larger enterprise environment?

Frequently Asked Questions

How BeyondTrust solutions contribute to enhanced cybersecurity for organizations?

BeyondTrust deployment solutions offer a range of cybersecurity tools that help organizations secure their systems and data, control privileged access, and mitigate security risks.

How do BeyondTrust deployment solutions benefit organizations, from government entities to businesses, and what security challenges do they address?

These solutions assist organizations by providing effective privileged access management, vulnerability management, and remote support capabilities to strengthen security, reduce risks, and maintain compliance.

How can organizations effectively integrate BeyondTrust solutions into their overall cybersecurity strategy in Saudi Arabia?

Organizations can effectively integrate BeyondTrust solutions into their cybersecurity strategy in Saudi Arabia by aligning them with security policies, providing staff training, and incorporating them into incident response plans, thereby making them an integral part of the security posture.

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