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GRC Saudi Arabia offers professional and comprehensive GRC implementation services to assist clients in addressing various enterprise governance risks and compliance challenges. GRC services in Saudi Arabia span vital areas, including financial compliance reporting, tax, human capital, information technology, anti-fraud and dispute consulting, and financial advisory services.

Expert Guidance for Every Business Level

Our team of professionals brings extensive experience across diverse industries, enabling us to provide guidance and insights tailored to your unique business requirements. Whether at the board, C-level, or enterprise risk and compliance level, we offer valuable expertise and support to drive sustainable GRC success. Partner with Fast Digital Technology to navigate the intricacies of GRC implementation, full potential of your organization's governance, risk management, and compliance strategies. Stay Ahead of Regulatory Demands with Expert Compliance Assessments and Consulting. Ensure your organization's compliance with regulatory mandates while equipping yourself with the necessary tools to continuously enhance and adapt your security program. Our comprehensive services cover a range of compliance areas, empowering you to meet the evolving needs of your growing business.

Tailored GRC Solutions

Governance risk compliance in Saudi Arabia provides specialized assistance to identify, remediate, monitor, and manage enterprise risks while enhancing GRC effectiveness and operating costs. GRC in KSA combines the synergy of people, processes, and technology to deliver governance risk and compliance solutions that meet our client's specific needs.


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Safeguard personal data and maintain compliance with data protection regulations.



Ensure the security of healthcare information and meet industry-specific requirements.



Streamline your service organization's compliance with the System and Organization Controls framework.



Protect patient health information and meet healthcare industry standards.



Strengthen your software security and comply with industry best practices.



Navigate the New York Department of Financial Services regulations with confidence.



Comply with Consumer Financial Protection Bureau requirements to maintain consumer trust.



Align your security practices with internationally recognized ISO standards.



Prepare for the GRC Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification to enhance your defense against cyber threats.

GRC Services

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Enhancing Board Governance and Oversight

Boost board effectiveness.Establish a conducive environment for effective decision-making.Evaluate and introduce ethics programs, anti-fraud measures, managementand training.Ensure monitoring and reporting of these initiatives.
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Revamping Enterprise Risk Management

Create and safeguard value from strategic risks Develop, execute, and maintain a unified risk framework by leveraging transformation in people, process, and technology Ensure consistency across the organization while catering to unique functional requirements Identify, assess, manage, monitor, review, and report on risks Integrate activities to efficiently manage risk and compliance-initiatives
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Ensuring Corporate Compliance & Regulatory Adherence

Design compliance programs and conduct control testing Monitor assess, and enhance compliance effectiveness Provide regulatory consulting services Offer specialized compliance services including FCPA, Anti-Money Laundering Compliance, Food and Product Safety, Direct and Indirect Tax Compliance, etc.

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FDT offers a range of cybersecurity governance, risk, and compliance services that deliver the following advantages:

Centralize all of your GRC processes onto a single platform to achieve greater control and transparency.
Streamline and automate corporate GRC procedures to eliminate unnecessary duplication of effort.
Attain a complete 360-degree view of your company risks, compliance, and quality, enabling you to make well-informed strategic decisions based on reality.

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Regulatory Compliance Ecosystem

Setup and enhance a robust regulatory compliance management system Seamlessly manage multiple industry-specific and geographical regulatory requirements
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Strengthen Your IT Governance and Risk Processes

Build and enhance IT governance and enterprise risk management Develop effective strategies, roadmaps, and policy management for risk mitigation
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Audit and Assessment Services

Conduct comprehensive audits and assessments for IT governance and regulatory complianceReceive external and internal audit support for enhanced control and governance.
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Data Privacy Services

Strengthen data privacy with inventory and data flow mapping Implement privacy programs, conduct impact assessments, and manage incidents effectively
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GRC Implementation and Support Services

Implement and integrate a robust IT GRC platform for enhanced visibility Monitor compliance and risk management effectively.
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Compliance Services

Comprehensive Solutions for Regulatory Requirements.Address compliance requirements such as PCI DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, ISO 27000, and more. Ensure adherence to industry-specific regulations and standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What role does GRC play in safeguarding critical infrastructure in Saudi Arabia, such as the energy and telecommunications sectors?

GRC Deployment Services are critical for identifying and addressing risks in critical infrastructure sectors in Saudi Arabia. By enabling comprehensive risk management and compliance, GRC helps protect the vital systems and services essential for the nation's security and economy.

Can GRC Deployment Services assist organizations in responding to cybersecurity incidents and breaches effectively?

Yes, GRC solutions often include incident response planning and management modules, allowing organizations to respond promptly and effectively to cybersecurity incidents and breaches, minimizing potential damage and data loss.

How can organizations ensure that their GRC practices are aligned with the evolving cybersecurity landscape and emerging threats?

Regular reviews, assessments, and continuous monitoring are key. By keeping GRC practices up-to-date and adaptable, organizations can stay aligned with the dynamic cybersecurity landscape.

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