What is AI Video Surveillance Analytics?

AI Video Surveillance Analytics is a game-changing solution, it uses the power of artificial intelligence to transform the way you monitor and protect your physical spaces. Integrate AI algorithms with video surveillance and gain an intelligent, proactive, and highly efficient solution that goes far beyond traditional video monitoring.

AI Video

Our AI Video Analytics Services in Saudi Arabia

Facility Analytics

  • Our team assesses customer and vehicle traffic
  • We visualize heat maps
  • We provide vigilant security and monitor access control
  • We assess facility performance against defined KPIs

Vehicle Analytics

  • We identify vehicle number plate
  • We recognize vehicle type, make, model, color, and other attributes.

Product Analytics

  • We identify and recognize products
  • Product counting
  • We identify defect in product
  • We monitor product loading and unloading

People Analytics

  • We offer employee time and attendance solutions
  • We track employee productivity
  • We manage employee time across multiple locations
  • We identify repeat customers
  • We analyze customer age and gender
  • We understand customer fashion preferences
  • We manage interactions with unknown individuals
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What Sets Us Apart

AI video analytics in KSA takes your security strategy to a whole new level. Here's why you need to choose one of the best Video Analytics Companies in Saudi Arabia

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Proactive Threat Detection

Video analytics solution in KSA is your proactive guardian, constantly monitoring your premises for any unusual or suspicious activity. It detects unauthorized access, trespassing, or potential security breaches, enabling you to respond swiftly and avert threats before they escalate.
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An Extra Set of Eyes

Unlike human operators, AI analytics in Saudi Arabia never gets tired or distracted. It ensures round-the-clock vigilance with an extra set of digital eyes that diligently scrutinize every corner of your facility.
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Real-time Alerts

AI-driven surveillance systems can issue real-time alerts when they detect anomalies, helping you respond to incidents as they happen. This rapid response can mean the difference between preventing a breach and managing a crisis.

Advantages of AI Video Surveillance Analytics

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Enhanced Search and Retrieval

Video surveillance as a service makes it easier to search and retrieve footage. Instead of manually reviewing hours of video, you can quickly locate specific events or incidents, saving time and resources in investigations.

Behavioral Analysis

These systems can analyze human behavior and track movement patterns. This capability is invaluable in identifying suspicious activities and potential security breaches


AI Video Surveillance Analytics offers long-term cost savings. It reduces the need for constant human monitoring and minimizes labor costs to prevent costly security incidents.

Improved Incident Analysis

When an incident occurs, AI Video Surveillance Analytics offers deep insights. It can generate detailed reports and provide valuable evidence to assist in post-incident analysis and investigations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is AI Video Surveillance Analytics important?

AI Video Surveillance Analytics is a sophisticated technology that uses artificial intelligence to analyze video footage from security cameras. It can detect anomalies, recognize objects and behaviors.

How does AI Video Surveillance Analytics work?

This technology uses AI algorithms to process video data. It can identify and track objects, distinguish between normal and abnormal activities, and provide alerts or notifications when it detects potential security threats.

What are the key advantages of AI Video Surveillance Analytics in KSA?

AI Video Surveillance Analytics offers proactive threat detection, scalability, cost-effectiveness, enhanced search and retrieval, behavioral analysis, and smooth integration with other security measures.

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